Our vision is to create and live in affordable and sustainable co-housing communities in London.   We are forced to live with undesirable and unsuitable housing options that offer no long term security.  We live in London, have grown up here and add to the economy and want to see London thrive. We want to be part of the solution, and we think there is another way.

We aim to build housing that is affordable and provides options to the 'squeezed middle' of mid-earning families looking to find permanent housing in London's over-inflated housing market. We aim to build homes that meet the specific needs of the Members who intend to live in them.

We will design and build communities through shared decision-making and follow that through into the communities that we live in, with shared management and shared spaces. We aim to contribute positively to the communities in which we build and be good neighbours between our projects and their surroundings. We aim to build highly sustainable homes that keep costs low for residents.


Our Principles

We aim to create co-housing communities that are: 

  1. Inclusive and open minded – giving back to and actively participating in the local community.

  2. Sharing and supportive – helping each other to create a great community, with common facilities like the common house, car- sharing, a laundry, and food-growing space. 

  3. Personal/private – each person/family has their own front door and private spaces but also benefits from shared space and shared resources.

  4. Environmentally friendly – homes built to high energy efficiency standards to achieve exceptionally low running costs; net zero carbon through new homes; creating biodiversity in urban environments; and enabling sustainable lives.  

  5. Empowering – each member having an equal say in decisions and in the ownership of shared resources and facilities.

  6. Affordable - homes that are affordable for a squeezed middle and held as affordable homes for future residents

  7. Flexible - homes and spaces that are flexible to changing needs and purposes as families grow and demands change.