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Lark Row, E2

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We were thrilled to hear in August 2020 that our proposal was selected as the preferred bidder for the site at Lark Row, made available through the Tower Hamlets Self Build Programme. This small site to the north of Bethnal Green and adjacent to the Regents Canal couldn't be a more perfect spot to create new homes, beautiful green spaces and community spaces for our members and our future neighbours.

Our proposal

Our proposal for Lark Row is to co-design our homes with our members and future neighbours, so all the illustrations you see here at very early sketches that we will be revisiting over the coming months. Our initial proposal is for six flats of a combination of sale and rent for our members, in a simple building which will be 3-4 storeys high and with the highest standards of sustainable design so that it's carbon neutral and offers green and open spaces for our members and the surrounding community. By keeping the building simple, we aim to keep our homes affordable and create community spaces both inside and outside.

Lark Row Close Aerial.jpg

Early Illustrative sketch for Lark Row


Lark Row sits on a quiet, neighbourhood street just off Cambridge Heath Road. On the street side, we'd like to create an active front, shared spaces and access to a community space alongside a garden. On the north side there will be beautiful views over the water and towards Victoria Park, and we will be preserving the ecological corridor along the frontage and finding ways of enjoying the frontage to the canal. ​

Lark Row South Facade.jpg

Early Illustrative sketch for Lark Row

At the moment our group consists of four households, and our proposal allows us to build six homes. This means that we will be recruiting for new members who share our values and would like to join our group. Please do get in touch through this form if you think you might be interested in joining us, and we'll be updating with some further information about how to apply for membership soon. 

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