Decision Making Policy


London Co-housing is a company limited by guarantee and governed by its Articles of Association and associated policies. Directors are appointed following agreement from its members and can implement decisions as instructed by its Members. This process sets out how decisions are made and who can make them.

London Co-Housing Ltd trades as Squeezed London. All references to London Co-Housing are the same as its trading name.

1. Definitions

1.1 Directors

Members of London Co-Housing who are registered with Companies House as legal directors of London Co-Housing Ltd


1.2 Members

Individuals who have been accepted as members of London Co-Housing in accordance with the Membership Policy


1.3 LCH Decisions

Decisions taken by London Co-housing in accordance with this process as amended from time to time


1.4 Development Projects

Construction projects that have been identified by London Co-Housing through its engagement activities with stakeholders and third parties


1.5 Project Entity

An organization that is formed for the facilitation of Development Projects that may have a separate legal structure or at a minimum a Project Board to manage that entity’s governance. Separate governance processes will be established for each entity


1.6 Project Board

A group of Members who govern the development of a Development Project either via London Co-Housing. The Members will act as a Committee per the Articles of Association


1.7 Meeting Minutes


A formal document that records the discussions held between Members, resolutions proposed and votes taken at a Members Meeting


1.8 LCH Meeting

A meeting held from time to time by the Members of London Co-Housing either in person or remotely via telephone or video conference

2.0 Director’s Appointment Process

Directors can be appointed following agreement by Members at a Members Meeting. Appointments of Directors should take place at a formal members meeting constituting at least 50% of the current members. The appointment should be agreed unanimously by those members present at the members meeting.


The procedure to recruit a Director is outlined in the Articles of Association.

3.0 London Co-Housing Decision Making Process

3.1 Decision Making in relation to Articles for London Co-Housing


Directors refer all decisions to Members Meetings for decision by the process set out in the Articles Section 23 through to 33, unless Members pass a Resolution at a Members Meeting to delegate authority on a given issue to Directors or a Project Board.

London Co-Housing members can make decisions on matters relating to the governance of London Co-Housing as an entity but not in relation to separate Project Entities or Project Boards unless explicitly set out in a Project Entity or Project Board governance process as agreed by the members of that Project Entity or Project Board. 


3.2 Member’s Decision Making Process


The process by which Members can take decisions on behalf of London Co-Housing at a Members Meeting is as follows:

  1. Any Member can propose a resolution to be adopted by the Members, either verbally or in writing

  2. The Members will consider the resolution and the Members will be asked to vote on the resolution

  3. The Members will arrive at a resolution by consensus.  Refer to Appendix 1

  4. The resolution is passed if all members present (and not less than 50% of the total membership) vote in the affirmative for the resolution

  5. The affirmative vote and complete details of the resolution shall be recorded in the Minutes, including any actions and any authorisation given to Directors to take the resolution forward

  6. If a resolution is rejected the decision to reject the resolution will also be recorded in the Meeting Minutes

  7. For decisions agreed to by the Members and related to the governance of London Co-Housing as an entity, the Directors will implement the decisions agreed by the London Co-Housing membership.

  8. Directors of London Co-Housing are not permitted to implement decisions taken without the explicit agreement of the London Co-Housing membership unless the Members explicitly delegate decision making authority to the Directors by way of a vote at a members meeting following the process set out above.

4.0 Decision Making Process in Relation to Project Board and Project Entities

4.1 Directors Decisions


Directors refer all decisions to Members Meetings for decision by the process set out in the Articles, unless Members pass a Resolution at a Members Meeting to delegate authority on a given issue to Directors or a Project Board.


4.2 Development Project and Project Board Decisions


  1. Where London Co-Housing opts to progress a Development Project the members will create a new Project Board to manage the Development Project as a committee. This new Project Board will be managed by a group of London Co-Housing Members. 

  2. Decisions relating to the Development Project will be governed by separate decision making processes that are suitable for the specific nature of that Development Project and will be agreed by the Members who choose to progress with the Development Project.

  3. Project Board meetings follow the same rules as Members Meetings for decisions within their delegated powers. 

  4. Project Boards can propose Resolutions for vote at a Members Meeting if it falls outside of their delegated powers.

  5. Where a Project Board is successful in obtaining land or planning permission, members of the Project Board will propose a resolution set before London Co-Housing that considers a new Project Entity to manage the development under a separate company or continued development under London Co-Housing Ltd.

5.0 Amendments to the Decision Making Policy

5.1 This process can be amended from time to time by following the decision making process as set out in this document.