Procurement & Conflict of Interest Policy

1. What does this policy do? 

  1. Squeezed London is a Company Limited by Guarantee which is governed by our Articles of Association. 

  2. This procurement and conflict of interest policy builds upon Section 38 of our Articles of Association, prescribing rules in order to

    1. Ensure objective, transparent decision-making in the procurement of goods and services by Squeezed London and its Project Boards

    2. To manage any potential conflicts of interest associated with Members or Directors of Squeezed London being commissioned to carry out goods or services in exchange for payment

2. Process for Procurement

  1. For the procurement of any goods or services over the value of £3,000, the standard expectation is that three high-level quotes should be obtained from different suppliers on the basis of a brief supplied for the works to be undertaken, the deliverables required, and the timescales

  2. On receipt of these three quotes, Squeezed London Members or the Project Board (as appropriate) should consider the quotes and make a decision on the basis of:

    1. The likely quality of goods and services on the basis of the information provided and prior knowledge of the consultant

    2. The cost of the goods and services

    3. The ability of the consultant to deliver the goods and services within the required timescale

  3. This decision should be recorded for transparency

  4. For the procurement of any goods or services under the value of £3,000, a single quote is sufficient

  5. The expectation of obtaining three quotes for procurement can be waived by a majority decision of Squeezed London should it be regarded as unnecessary (for example, for repeat work). The expectation is that this will not be waived should a Member of Squeezed London be tendering for the goods and services (see Section C below). 

  6. This process is the baseline expectation but a higher level scrutiny such as a tender process may be appropriate for larger projects, at the discretion of Squeezed London.

3. Conflict of interest

  1. It is recognised that all Members of Squeezed London undertake work to further the objectives of Squeezed London, the majority of which is unpaid.  

  2. In some cases where Squeezed London or its Project Boards wish to appoint and pay consultants to undertake goods and services, there may be Members who wish to undertake this work. 

  3. If a Member is interested in quoting for goods and services, they should 

    1. Not be present during meetings where fees are discussed

    2. Not have voting rights in the decision regarding which consultant should be appointed

  4. If a Member is successful in a contract for goods and services

    1. A designated link person should be appointed within Squeezed London to manage the relationship with any particular consultant on behalf of Squeezed London/the Project Board (as appropriate)

    2. They would be exempt from any decision-making directly relating to the management of the contract and the work being undertaken