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We are a diverse group who come from, and represent, Tower Hamlets. We are committed to living here and want to call it home. We are determined to build homes that are affordable, meet the needs of our members and benefit the community. The homes will go to people who reflect the borough’s diversity, will be environmentally sustainable and nurture social interaction.

Our Story

We are a community-led organisation, made up of a small group of diverse but like-minded East
Londoners. The members of Squeezed London came together originally through the Tower
Hamlets Self Build Forum in 2017. As some of the most active members in these early meetings,
we were driven to organise, establish and facilitate a voice for cohousing self-build and created
the Tower Hamlets Self Build Association (THSBA). We created a Meetup group to present a collective voice, share knowledge and capacity for the concept of cohousing to flourish
across the burgeoning community of self-builders in Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets has been central to this journey. Some of us grew up in the borough; others have
made it our home; others work and volunteer here and we all feel deep roots in the borough.
Having been a key part of Tower Hamlets’ journey to the affordable self-build programme, we
could not be happier to find the opportunity to stay in the borough and create a home for our
members at Lark Row.

Our Partners

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Community Led Housing London

With our support and expertise, we can help you create community land trusts, co-ops, and cohousing. That means long term homes, not financial assets, and giving people power over how they want to live.